About Us

MicroMate Industries Sdn Bhd was established in 1999. With an impressive record of accomplishments, we have now gained a reputation as a renowned specialist in the field of power electronics. The features of our products are reliability, excellence and long service lifespan. We also customize our products to our clients’ needs and specifications.
At MicroMate Industries Sdn Bhd, extensive design and development (D&D) is constantly performed to ensure that we are always at the forefront of innovative developments. We utilize efficient just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-case (JIC) inventory control systems for different categories of components, which enables us to source and stock them at low costs and thus allowing our clients to benefit from affordable prices.
The “think local, export global” strategy we employ gives us a competitive edge – our products are Malaysia based to keep costs low but still adhere to international standards. Thus, the stringent controls and testing we perform guarantee the reliability of our products.
At critical times, our products will serve as your trusted partner to ensure smooth operations of your business. From the stages of designing to the completion of products, we are ever eager to assist our valued clients in fulfilling specifications in order to achieve a mutual success.


To rise as a leader of innovation in power electronic products in the Asia-Pacific region.


·    To expand our potential to the fullest through product innovation
·    To strive beyond excellence and to remain competitive in the industry
·    To derive innovative ideas from customers’ feedbacks and demands
·    To introduce Malaysian products as of international standard
·    To be renowned in the international market

Company Philosophy

You should do what you love to be successful and dedicate yourself to today’s work for tomorrow’s opportunities.­­

Code of Ethics

MicroMate Industries Sdn Bhd has adopted the following code of ethics with the company’s aim of improving power quality on a sustainable basis for the community:

·    To ensure the company’s products comply with international safety standards and remain competitive through innovative solutions.
·    To avoid conflict of interest in dealings with clients.
·    To deliver excellent customer service.
·    To be sincere so as to uphold the company’s image and trustworthiness.
·    To emphasize the quality of the company’s products and promote their benefits whenever possible, particularly the UPS for traffic lights and renewable energy solutions.



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